Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Chartix - Android Music Charts v2.1

Android Music Charts
Chartix - Android Music Charts

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Chartix is the ultimate music chart experience for Android platform, by far the best in its category. What make Chartix different from other chart app is the way it looks and works. Using my own "homi UI v2.0", a Google Now inspired user interface, Chartix looks amazing. It is beautiful but simple and yet very informative, what you see is what you get.
Bundle with many features and a variety of music charts such as: iTunes Charts, Billboard Chart, YouTube Chart (in progress), K-Pop Chart (in progress). This is a one stop for Hitz music discovery. With the ability to listen to iTunes song preview, download it or even set it as ringtone, you will have a huge collection of the latest hitz music as your ring tone. A special iTunes Chart Editor v2.0, which let you create your own chart from any country that iTunes support and choose between 10 to 100 of songs in the chart. Another cool features is when you click on any song in the chart it will let you listen to the song in YouTube so now you can listen and watch the latest music as much as you want :)


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Chartix, a complete UI (User Interface) overhaul of Android Music Chart but keep the same user-friendly UX (User Experience).
In this version, everything looks neat and sophisticated, but still works as the way it was so old user will be able to use this without any confusion.
X Version features now can be unlocked for free, by just helping to share this app on Facebook and Twitter.
Now you can click on any songs and watch it on YouTube, this enable you to listen or watch the latest songs with ease :)
When there is a call from someone, the music that is play in Chartix will be pause and resume after call ended.

Current Features:
* very fast and easy to use
* homi UI v2.0 (Google Now inspired user interface)
* all type of iTunes Charts (Top 100, Top 10 in any supported country)
* all type Billboard Charts (Hot 100, Hot 200, Social 50 etc.)
* ability to listen to a 30 seconds preview of the song in iTunes Chart Top 10 and iTunes Chart Editor.
* able to download that song preview and even set it as ring tone (X Version features)
* you can also download a 170x170 album art.
* iTunes Chart Editor - make your own iTunes Chart (X Version features)
* make a custom iTunes chart with any country in the world and from 10 to 100 of songs.

Futures features:
* YouTube Charts
* K-Pop Charts
* TubeMate integration (you get the idea how awesome this will let you do right?)

Permission Explanation:
WRITE_SETTINGS - use solely for setting ring tone for you.
WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE - for caching album art and song preview on SD Card.
INTERNET/ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE - of course, this is for internet connection.
All the other permissions is required by ad network.

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