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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Khmer Unicode Installer v2.0 Bee

Khmer Unicode Installer


KUI or Khmer Unicode Installer is an all-in-one tool to install Khmer Unicode in your Android device with just one click. No need to flash it in custom recovery or use root explorer that is complex and time consuming. With this app, every step is cut down to just one simple click of a button.

With all these features, before using please do a nandroid backup first. I mean backup your phone ;) If the new fonts does't work for you, this is the old font for you to install using the new custom font installer:
JellyBean -
Ice Cream Sandwich -

Note: This app is intended for advanced Android user who know how to root their phone. If you don't know how to root, please search on Google with this "How to root ". Thanks you for your understanding.


- One click install and restart phone in less than 5 seconds
- Redesigned UI
- You can now restore your original font
- Ability to install your own fonts
- Change/add Khmer to system locale
- Work on tablet (let me know, not tested)


v2.0 Bee

Note: only device with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich will receive this update.
Older device still can use the legacy version.

- Redesigned UI
- Added restore original font.
- Added install custom font.
- Added change custom system locale to Khmer (Cambodia)
- Fixed force close on start when checking for root access
- Support tablet (not tested, let me know)

Please send any doubt and question to my new Gmail address below, I will try to solve it as much as I can.





Release date:



2.0 Bee




~1.81 MB

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Top Music Charts for Android v4.0

Top Music Charts


iTunes, Billboard, YouTube, Top Music Charts has you all covered. An all in one app to browse, search, and discover new music via music charts. Keep up to date with all the latest music from your favorite artist and see whether your favorite song is doing good on the chart.

The fastest, easiest, and great looking app with innovative User Interface. Using Top Music Charts is the best browsing experience and easiest the best music charts app on the Android platform.


♥ All in one iTunes, Billboard, YouTube music/video charts
♥ Tablet optimized with split screen for certain chart
♥ Previews 30 seconds iTunes song
♥ Save song previews and use it as ringtone
also ability to save a 100x100 album arts in iTunes chart
♥ Ability to search for relevance Vevo music video and view on YouTube app
♥ Design with Google design guideline, colorful and playful experience
♥ Unlock more features via Social Point reward system
♥ Integrated Scringo, bring community like features
♥ Integrated Socialize, bring Like, Share and Comment features
♥ And so much more...


♥ Design overhauled with tablet optimized
♥ Added YouTube music video and video charts
♥ Added album and music video section to iTunes Top 100
♥ Add more details to Billboard charts
♥ Social Point reward system (use to unlock other features)
♥ Social features: Like, Share and Comment on song cards
♥ Community features: feedback, radar etc
♥ Bug fixes and so much more...



Release date:
~4 MB

Friday, July 5, 2013

Chartix - Android Music Charts v3.0

Chartix v3.0

Android Music Charts

Buy X Version

☺ Announcement ☺
Celebrate the 4th of July with a new version of Chartix :) enjoy guys!
Please rate 5 stars ★★★★★ if you like Chartix and to support me in further development, it means a lots to me.

☺ Description ☺
Music charts is the best way to discover new awesome music, the next song that you will put in loop.

With Chartix - Android Music Charts, we provides you two of the most important music charts in the world, iTunes music charts and Billboard music charts. Chatix is a must have app for any music lover out there.

What make Chartix stand out from others is the beautiful UI it has. Inspired by Google Now UI, fused it with a more colorful touch. Creating a unique experience that only Chartix has. Not to mention, many features that Chartix has like: VEVO YouTube music video, iTunes song preview etc...

☺ Try Chartix on your desktop ☺

☺ Screenshots ☺

☺ Features ☺
     ✔ Google Now-esque inspired UI but much more colorful.
     Creating a unique experience over other similar app in this category. (homi UI v3.0)
     ✔ Featuring two very well known music charts that matter.
     iTunes (Top 100, Top 10, and  all country charts) and Billboard (Hot 100, Billboard 200, and many more)
     ✔ YouTube music video for any song in the chart upon clicking it.
     It will open YouTube app and search for VEVO music video of the song.
     ✓ A nifty feature which let you preview a 30 seconds of the song you are interested in.
     Work in iTunes Top 10 country music chart (Free feature)
     ✓ Included a DIY iTunes music chart maker (iTunes Chart Editor v1.0)
     Just choose between a list of all supported iTunes country and number of song from 10 to 100.
     ✓ In iTunes Top 10 music charts, you can also download the preview, download a 170x170 album art, and even use the downloaded preview as your ringtone ☻
☺ Tips and Tricks ☺
     ✓ If you do not like ads when exit the app, just use the red X button to close the app instead of back and home button.
☺ Permission Explanation ☺
     ✔ WRITE_SETTINGS - used for set ringtone feature
     ✔ WRITE_EXTERNAL STORAGE - used for caching of album arts and song previews
     ✔ READ_PHONE_STATE - used for manage song preview playback when your phone state change
     ✔ INTERNET/ACCESS_WIFI_STATE/ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE - used for internet connection checking
     ✓ All the location permission is required by the ads network to serve appropriate ads based on location required by AdMob
     ✓ Other settings permission is used for create homescreen shortcuts/browser homepage and bookmarks required by StartApp.
     This is optional, you can choose to allow it or not upon starting this app for the first time. It is completely in your control.

☺ Downloads ☺
Get it on Google Play
via Google Play Store
via Direct Download (Dropbox)

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Chartix - Android Music Charts v2.1

Android Music Charts
Chartix - Android Music Charts

BUY X Version

Chartix is the ultimate music chart experience for Android platform, by far the best in its category. What make Chartix different from other chart app is the way it looks and works. Using my own "homi UI v2.0", a Google Now inspired user interface, Chartix looks amazing. It is beautiful but simple and yet very informative, what you see is what you get.
Bundle with many features and a variety of music charts such as: iTunes Charts, Billboard Chart, YouTube Chart (in progress), K-Pop Chart (in progress). This is a one stop for Hitz music discovery. With the ability to listen to iTunes song preview, download it or even set it as ringtone, you will have a huge collection of the latest hitz music as your ring tone. A special iTunes Chart Editor v2.0, which let you create your own chart from any country that iTunes support and choose between 10 to 100 of songs in the chart. Another cool features is when you click on any song in the chart it will let you listen to the song in YouTube so now you can listen and watch the latest music as much as you want :)


Test Chartix Online

Chartix, a complete UI (User Interface) overhaul of Android Music Chart but keep the same user-friendly UX (User Experience).
In this version, everything looks neat and sophisticated, but still works as the way it was so old user will be able to use this without any confusion.
X Version features now can be unlocked for free, by just helping to share this app on Facebook and Twitter.
Now you can click on any songs and watch it on YouTube, this enable you to listen or watch the latest songs with ease :)
When there is a call from someone, the music that is play in Chartix will be pause and resume after call ended.

Current Features:
* very fast and easy to use
* homi UI v2.0 (Google Now inspired user interface)
* all type of iTunes Charts (Top 100, Top 10 in any supported country)
* all type Billboard Charts (Hot 100, Hot 200, Social 50 etc.)
* ability to listen to a 30 seconds preview of the song in iTunes Chart Top 10 and iTunes Chart Editor.
* able to download that song preview and even set it as ring tone (X Version features)
* you can also download a 170x170 album art.
* iTunes Chart Editor - make your own iTunes Chart (X Version features)
* make a custom iTunes chart with any country in the world and from 10 to 100 of songs.

Futures features:
* YouTube Charts
* K-Pop Charts
* TubeMate integration (you get the idea how awesome this will let you do right?)

Permission Explanation:
WRITE_SETTINGS - use solely for setting ring tone for you.
WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE - for caching album art and song preview on SD Card.
INTERNET/ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE - of course, this is for internet connection.
All the other permissions is required by ad network.

Google Play Store
Direct Download

Monday, December 10, 2012

Android Music Charts Free/X Version v1.0.1

Android Music Charts Free


Are you a music lover who like to keep in trend with the latest hit song around the world? Do you usually look up music charts such as iTunes and Billboard to find great music to listen? Then this app will provide just the thing you need to discover the newest and greatest music to purchase.

Wanna test this app on your web browser?

Free version features:
  • Features a predefined list of charts such as iTunes Top 100 and Top 10 charts from 22 top country charts.
  • You can select a song and preview it before you decide to purchase it on iTunes all inside this app.
  • If you have a MP3 that does not have it's own album art, this app allows you to download album art too. (170px x 170px)
  • Beautifully design UI that make browsing music chart a pleasant.
  • Support from Android 2.2 FroYo to the latest 4.2 Jellybean.

Android Music Charts X

X version features preview:
  • The full version does not have any ads whatsoever and included many cool additional features.
  • iTunes Chart Maker, with this features you have full control of iTunes chart, you can create your own iTunes chart with a long list of country that iTunes support and your preferred amount of song from 10, 25, 50, 100 and 300.
  • Ability to download song preview to your SD Card and what make this even cooler? You can set the downloaded song preview as your ringtone automatically. What this mean is that you will have a huge ringtone library of the hottest hit song right now on your hand. Moreover, you get all the features in the Free version too.

Further notice:
If there's enough support from you guys, there will be further development with more chart providers and greater features. Thanks you for all your support.


Android app on Google Play

Price: Free/Paid
Size: 2.80MB/1.80MB
Release: 09/12/2012
Android Version: 2.2+

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Start Earning with your Apps, Monetizing Tips and Trick


Smartphones, smartphones, smartphones everywhere. We are living in the era that smartphones is the sole device that we use almost every times, we are living in the post PC era. As a result, smartphones application is very popular among us, and you can make a living out of your app. In this post, I am gonna share my knowledge on how to monetize your apps and start earning those cash.

List of ads network worth trying

StartApp is an ads network that pay you as the user install your app, this can earn you quick cash. For instance, if your app is popular and got an average installs of 1000 per day, you will earn around 10$ per day too. This is seriously profitable and the earning is fix amount. If you are gonna monetizing your app, I would recommend you to choose StartApp as your ads network of choice. Register and start earning today.

The list will goes on when I find something new worth mention. 

Monday, November 19, 2012

Facebook Image Grabber Free/Pro v1.2.0 - save photos from Facebook for Android app

Facebook Image Grabber Free/Pro
v1.2.0 by homi3kh

Please help us by rating 5 stars.

Importance update:
Introducing "Direct Save", save photo without leaving Facebook for Android app. [Paid version only]



Thing To Know:
This app is brought to you Free by the mean of Ads, and to be fair with the user I will be explaining everything. There are two Ads company that I used in this app, banner by AdMob and Homescreen Icon by StartApp. Upon installing this app, you will recieve an icon on your homescreen, a browser bookmark and browser homepage. All these icons, bookmars and homepage can be deleted and changed back without a problem and it will never come back, all of this happen only once. The icons and bookmarks are useful for you to discover new apps, use it or not is absolutely up to you. This is just a way to provide this app for Free to you and keep me on developing this app and other new apps, I hope you can understand. This is not SPAM because I already being fair and told you everthing before hand. If your antivirus app tell you this is a virus, it is fault positive because the permission I use is just to add icon on your homescreen and browser bookmarks, if this app act anything like a virus you can complain to me via

Found a wonderful photo of a beautiful girl on Facebook? Stumble upon a very interesting photo on Facebook? Or you just want to save photo of your loved one?
Unfortunately, you found out that Facebook for Android app doesn't allow you to save those photo? Look no further, this cute app will help you save any photo that you want out of Facebook. With a slick UI that is very user-friendly and easy to use, saving photo from Facebook will be a breeze. You can save with default file name, save as with the file name that you want, or simply just view it in your preferred gallery app. Moreover, this app also let you browse your previously saved photos in a built-in image explorer that is fast and work just right. You can delete, rename, and view your photo in the image explorer.

• Direct Save, a feature that let you save Facebook photo without leaving Facebook app. [New]
• Refresh Gallery, a menu item that let you tell Android media scanner to scan for new photos. [New]
• Save photo from Facebook with Facebook share function.
• Photo saved in this app will instantly visible in Android gallery too.
• Built-in Image Explorer for fast viewing of your saved photos.
• Support double tap zoom/pinch to zoom image viewer.
• Ability to rename, delete, or view in your preferred photo gallery.
• Simplicity in design base on Android Design principle.
• Support from FroYo to Jellybean devices.

- Open Facebook for Android app and browse to the photo you want to save.
- In Facebook photo viewer, press Menu > Share > then select our app "homi3kh FIG".
- The photo will present on the top part of the app, and on the lower part of the app you will see 3 button. Save, Save As, and View, just choose whatever you want to do with the photo.
- The middle part of the app is the Saved Image Explorer, where all your previously saved photos are presenting.
- Long press on the photo in Saved Image Explorer and you get 3 menu item to Delete, Rename, and View the photo.


14/12/2012 v1.2.0 RLT
- Fixed screen issue on big screen devices, now this app will look nicely on every phone screen
- Implementing new UI, homi3kh UI from Android Music Charts.
- Now you can share this app to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn via Menu > Share This App!
- Direct Save feature preview
- My app page that list all of my app, access it via Menu  > My Other App!
25/11/2012 v1.1.1 RLT
- New gorgeous icon
- Rename app activity name for consistency throughout my apps.
24/11/2012 v1.1.0 RLT
- Added Buy Full Version option.
(Buy my paid-app or donate to me securely via Paypal)
- Introducing "Direct Save" feature [Paid Version]
(save photo without leaving Facebook for Android app)
- When saving photo in FIG, photo will instantly added to Android Gallery [Free/Paid Version]
- No ads after saving photo.
- Added Refresh Gallery menu option.
(Previous version, when you close the app, the app will send a request to media scanner to scan the whole SD card for new photos. Don't confuse this as the app has virus. Now I remove that feature and put it into your control. Click on "Refresh Gallery" will tell the media scanner to scan your SD card for new photos.



Under Review


Best regard,