Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Khmer Unicode Installer v2.0 Bee

Khmer Unicode Installer


KUI or Khmer Unicode Installer is an all-in-one tool to install Khmer Unicode in your Android device with just one click. No need to flash it in custom recovery or use root explorer that is complex and time consuming. With this app, every step is cut down to just one simple click of a button.

With all these features, before using please do a nandroid backup first. I mean backup your phone ;) If the new fonts does't work for you, this is the old font for you to install using the new custom font installer:
JellyBean - http://goo.gl/ZUiYwh
Ice Cream Sandwich - http://goo.gl/qktErW

Note: This app is intended for advanced Android user who know how to root their phone. If you don't know how to root, please search on Google with this "How to root ". Thanks you for your understanding.


- One click install and restart phone in less than 5 seconds
- Redesigned UI
- You can now restore your original font
- Ability to install your own fonts
- Change/add Khmer to system locale
- Work on tablet (let me know, not tested)


v2.0 Bee

Note: only device with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich will receive this update.
Older device still can use the legacy version.

- Redesigned UI
- Added restore original font.
- Added install custom font.
- Added change custom system locale to Khmer (Cambodia)
- Fixed force close on start when checking for root access
- Support tablet (not tested, let me know)

Please send any doubt and question to my new Gmail address below, I will try to solve it as much as I can.





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2.0 Bee




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