Thursday, August 16, 2012

Khandroid Khmer Unicode Keyboard v2.0


  • Your phone must be rooted and able to Render Khmer Unicode correctly
  • Enable Khmer in your system Locale (Instruction below)


First use Custom Locale (បញ្ចូលភាសាខ្មែរ) to have Khmer in your locale first for this to work great on your smartphone.

To have both Khmer and English in this keyboard. Go to setting by long press on microphone key, then choose Input Language and Tick your preferred language.

ដើម្បីមានក្ដារចុចខ្មែរ និង អង់គ្លេសជាមួយគ្នា។ ចូលទៅកាន់ ការកំណត់ដោយចុចយូរលើគ្រាប់ចុចរូបម៉េក្រូ។ បន្ទាប់មកចុច រើសភាសាហើយចុចធីគលើភាសាដែរចង់បាន។

Usage Tips:

  • Long press on Space to switch between languages KH > ENG etc.
  • If you don't want to press shift just long click on a key and a popup for it will appear. Example: if you want to type ណ just long click on ន and it will type ណ for you automatically, saving you time on pressing shift key.


I saw lots of Khmer keyboard available and most of them has very small keys, that is difficult to type. As a result, I decide to mod one for myself, and share with all of you guys who want to type in Khmer. This keyboard has big enough keys for easy typing, and support skins from Better Keyboard. They layout of this keyboard is the same as QWERTY and I had rearranged some Khmer keys to better position to type Khmer even faster. Thanks for using this products :) Khmer help Khmer


  • Multitouch, optimized layout and style
  • User dictionary, custom vibration
  • Long press "Enter" to bring up smiley
  • Long press on "/" in URL mode to bring up domains
  • Included themes, Gingerbread, Basic, IceCreamSandwich and more.
  • Support of Better keyboard themes.
  • Custom background image
  • Adjust keyboard height (in portrait)
  • User dictionary editor
  • Alternative layouts (AZERTY,QWERTZ,Dvorak).
  • Gestures.


  • 21/08/2012 Fix shift key in English mode not work as shift
  • Switch between Khmer and English faster
  • Theme support


Khandroid Keyboard v2.0

Release date: 16/August/2012
Version: 2.0
Price: Free
Size: ~1.63mb