Saturday, December 1, 2012

Start Earning with your Apps, Monetizing Tips and Trick


Smartphones, smartphones, smartphones everywhere. We are living in the era that smartphones is the sole device that we use almost every times, we are living in the post PC era. As a result, smartphones application is very popular among us, and you can make a living out of your app. In this post, I am gonna share my knowledge on how to monetize your apps and start earning those cash.

List of ads network worth trying

StartApp is an ads network that pay you as the user install your app, this can earn you quick cash. For instance, if your app is popular and got an average installs of 1000 per day, you will earn around 10$ per day too. This is seriously profitable and the earning is fix amount. If you are gonna monetizing your app, I would recommend you to choose StartApp as your ads network of choice. Register and start earning today.

The list will goes on when I find something new worth mention.