Saturday, November 3, 2012

How to Translate Android Apps Into Your Language v2

Android App Khmer Translation Guide 2.0
I'm writing this to support Khmer Language, as more people know how to translate apk into their language. We will have more and more app in our language faster. And I also have time to do some other important stuffs too :D hehehe
  1. Download APK Multi-Tool - Download - Make sure to download the frameworks zip too.
  2. Copy downloaded files to ur prefered location and make sure to unzip it with 7zipDownload
  3. Select both zip file and right click on it, then choose Extract here, you will get APK-Multi-Tool folder and many framework files.

  4. Copy framework-res_api16.apk into APK-Multi-Tools/other folder and rename it to framework-res.apk

  5. Inside APK-Multi-Tool folder run Setup.bat, then type 2 then Enter to setup framework-res file.

  6. Type 1 to install framework-res.apk, it will install the framework and auto close the windows

  7. Reopen Setup.bat and type in 3 to setup all the folder that you will working on.

  8. Everything is done, first thing to do is copy the apk you want to mod into the place-apk-here-for-modding folder
  9. Run Script.bat then Enter, you will be welcome with lots of options to choose.
  10. First stop, always set ur current working project. Type 24 you will see a list of apk u copy earlier
  11. Choose the apk you want to work on according to the number in the list
  12. Type 9 to decompile it :D this will take some times, so sit back and relax, after it is finished move to the next step
  13. Find project folder inside APK-Multi-Tool folder, project folder will contain all the decompiled project
    Ex: Apk-Multi-Tool\project\com.facebook.katana\
  14. Go into your app project folder. then navigate to \res\values\ and find string.xml
  15. Download Notepad++ Download
    1. Install Notepad++ then right click on string.xml then choose "Edit with "Notepad++"
    2. In Notepad++ the text that is highlighted with black color, the text you need to translate.
    3. Just translate all the black text into your language. Take whole day sometimes :D
  16. Alternatively, you can create another values folder for your language too
  17. Ex: for Khmer language create values-km folder, or for Chinese create values-cn and so on according to your language code
    and then copy string.xml from \res\values\ into your new values-xx folder
  18. Begin translate string.xml in your new values-km or values-cn folder etc :D it takes some time so be patience with it
  19. ONE COOL TRICK :D you can translate that string file easier and fast with Google Translator Toolkit.
    Just click upload and choose the string.xml you want it to translate and upload it, unfortunately no Khmer yet :(

    • After finished all strings, go back to Script.bat cmd windows
    1. Choose 11 to compile it back if it is a System apk or choose 12 to compile it if it is normal apk/user apk, this will take double the time of decoding :D wait for it don't worry, if got error look at the log file
    2. After finish encoding make sure to Choose 13 to sign it back :D (for non-System apk only)
    3. And you are done find your final apk in the put-apk-here-for-modding folder with the singed prefix in the start of the file name.

    • all question about this are Welcome through comment here or by email.
    by ចេង សុខតារា (homi3kh)