Sunday, November 4, 2012

How to Customize Your Own ROM - Newbie Level


ROM Customization - Newbie Level 1.0

Make sure you have the latest archive program like WinRar or 7zip installed
  1. Open your ROM zip file with your favorite archive software
  2. Mostly inside it you see two folder, system folder and META-INF folder
  3. We will mostly work on system folder for now
  4. Open system folder, inside it you will see lots of folders
  5. Add and Remove Apps
  6. Go into app folder, this is the folder that contain all the system app
  7. If you don't like some app, you can just delete it but make sure you that it is safe to remove that app, mostly I remove wallpaper apk, add-on apk like terminal, file explorer, and other stuffs
  8. For adding app, make sure that apk is the app that is very important that it should be in the system, the thing is you can't uninstall system apk so it is nice to keep app like file explorer, link2sd, diskusage, and so on.

  9. Make the ROM yours
  10. This time we will add our name in the ROM that will be display in the System app about page
  11. Again inside system folder drag build.prop file into a folder and then open it with any notepad (Notepad++ is recommended)
  12. Edit > Search to find the following line:
  13. ro.modversion: this is the mod version of the ROM, customize it the way you want. EX: ro.modversion={Your Name}_Best_ROM_v2.0 (No space allow)
  14. Fake your ROM into the latest Android version :D
  15. find change it to for example, 4.2.0 that is the latest JellyBean as of now. EX:
  16. There are many other customization inside that file you can do, just search for it ;)
  17. After you are satisfied, save it and drag the updated build.prop back into the zip overwritting the old build.prop
Enable Normal/User App When Flashing ROM
  1.  create data folder in the root of the zip file, so you have 3 folders now \data\, \system\, and \META-ING\.
  2. Now navigate to META-INF\com\google\android and drag out updater-script file into a folder
  3. Open it with any notepad (Notepad++ recommanded)
  4. Copy the following code into your updater-script after this line code "package_extract_dir("system", "/system");"
format("yaffs2", "MTD", "userdata");
mount("yaffs2", "MTD", "userdata", "/data");
package_extract_dir("data", "/data");
set_perm(1000, 1000, 0771, "/data");
set_perm_recursive(1000, 1000, 0771, 0644, "/data/app");

  1.  Save it and drag the updated updater-script back into the zip ovewriting the old updater-script
by homi3kh(ចេង សុខតារា)