Monday, August 13, 2012

How to Translate Android Apps into Your Own Language

Android App Khmer Translation Guide 1.0
I'm writing this to support Khmer Language, as more people know how to translate apk into their language. We will have more and more app in our language faster. And I also have time to do some other important stuffs too :D hehehe
  1. Extract it to your prefered location and launch AndroidSuite v115.exe
  2. Click "Open APK Dir" button, in that folder copy apk that you want to translate into it.
  3. Back to AndroidSuite click "Decode Seleted" button wait until it is finished.
  4. Click "Open Decoded Dir" in there you will see folder with your apk name.
  5. Browse into it {your apk folder name}\res\values\ and find string.xml

  1. Install Notepad++ then right click on string.xml then choose "Edit with "Notepad++"
  2. In Notepad++ the text that is highlighted with black color, the text you need to translate.
  3. Just translate all the black text into your language. Take whole day sometimes :D

  • After finished all strings, go to AndroidSuite
  1. And select the apk name in "---Select what to encode:" panel.
  2. Then click "Encode selected" wait until it is finished.
  3. Then click "Apk Signer" buttons to sign it.

  • Finally, click "Open Encoded Dir" there you will see your finished apk with your translated string :D Cheer.
by ចេង សុខតារា (homi3kh)